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  • CHARGEMETER - online timer 6.9

    ChargeMeter is a new idea-utility and it is very useful to anybody. Anytime you want, now you can see how much money you spend when you surf, via your telephone line, to the Internet.Also you protect your telephone
  • MB Telephone Number Numerology 1.0

    MB telephone Number Numerology Software does a free telephone number numerology analysis and tells you if the telephone number or the mobile number you are using is suitable for you or not. This wonderful numerology
  • PC-Telephone 6.4

    Make FREE pc-to-pc, pc-pc and cheap pc-to-phone, pc-phone, pc-to-fax, pc-fax, phone-to-pc, phone-pc, fax-to-pc, fax-pc, SIP-telephone, sip-to-phone calls over Internet/VoIP or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your
  • Merlinia OutBack 4.0

    OutBack is a PC program that allows people to find each other quickly and easily, and gives your company the ability to provide good telephone service in 30 seconds - or less. OutBack combines the classical "in/out
  • HrKr - Telephone Directory 1.0

    You can keep your friend's name,telephone or mobile number and e-mail or home adress easyly. HrKr - telephone Directory is a small and easy to use application that allows you to keep your friend's name, telephone number
  • Calls 1.1

    Calls 1.1 offers an effective tools which helps you to relief the lives of the commercial agents, managers of all types, in general, for any, who regularly needs to make a great number of telephone calls. Major
  • FDITEL 4.0

    FDI PC 2 Phone is the internet telephone calling service that lets you call from anywhere to anywhere at a fraction of what the telephone company charges. Using VoIP (Voice over IP) your telephone call is carried over
  • Telephone Integration Server for MS CRM 4.13

    telephone Integration Server for MS CRM telephone your telephone system(PBX) with Microsoft CRM 4.0.If an incoming call is detected, a window pops up from the taskbar displaying details of the caller. The information
  • Telephone English 1

    English is the language of business communication the world over. PublicSoft telephone English will help you improve your communication over the phone by helping you speak better English on the telephone. You will learn
  • SkyATA-102 2.1

    The SkyATA-102 pronunciation telephone conversation effect all similar products is friends with, even has a better compatibility compared to the traditional telephone pronunciation which saw compared to you. With the
  • TALAN Data Viewer 1.0

    The NEW TALAN telephone and Line Analyzer provides a complete integrated suite of tools to analyze, inspect, and test digital telephone lines (and other wiring) for taps and other eavesdropping devices.The TALAN
  • Pakistan Telephone Directory 1.3

    Pakistan telephone Directory-Important telephone Numbers of Major cities,such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore. It can be searched by Phone Number or by Name and returns the full name of the owner and their complete
  • IVM Telefon Management 4.23

    Management software's for every work are developing but no one intention towards creating telephone manager. Now IVM telephone Management is design for this purpose. It is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, calls
  • Bill Catchem's BC Tips 1.0

    Want to dramatically reduce your monthly telephone expenses? BC Tips could help you save HUNDREDS of dollars per year in telephone costs. BC Tips let's you save money on your phone bill, select your service provider
  • Mobile Tanks - Source 1.00

    The Source code of the play Tanks for mobile telephone. The Project is executed for model of the telephone Siemens M55. Project was run for J2ME for MIDP-1.0 and
  • SpyArsenal.com Telephone Spy 3.00

    telephone Spy is a powerful, yet easy-to-use software that makes use of your modem to record telephone conversations. Before recording a call, telephone Spy can play an optional legal disclaimer (this feature can be very
  • SBWin logger 1.03

    Personal telephone logger and Voice Recorder. Use your Windows 95/98/NT computer with sound card to record telephone conversations in digital format. Start recording manually or setup voice activated recording. To save
  • DTMF Decoder 1.0

    DTMF Decoder is a very easy to use program to decode DTMF dial tones found on telephone lines with touch tone phones. It is also used for receiving data transmissions over the air in amateur radio frequency bands. DTMF
  • Net Cost 4.22 SE

    Internet (or telephone) timer with multiple functions such as auto-start on connect, auto-Disconnect, log, automatic tariff selection, free updates. BASED ON UK telephone SYSTEM AND CURRENCY. (Can be updated if enough
  • Phone Spy 8.2

    Phone Spy 8.2 is a smart and fun tool that lets you records incoming/outgoing telephone conversations automatically using computer's sound card, also detects caller ID and DTMF keys via the sound card. MP3 and other
  • Area deCoder 1.0.3

    Converts North American telephone area codes to localities Click on the telephone icon in the status bar to expand/minimize. In expanded mode, type the 3-digit area code in the smaller box, and press [Enter] to see its
  • Phone spy telephone recording system 8.2

    Now you can easily record all the incoming and outgoing calls by using exclusive software Phone spy telephone recording system. It does this by using sound card as well as supports perfect hiding mode and 6 sound
  • Reverse Cell Phone Number Directory

    Reverse cell phone number directory The Mobile Phone Directory may be the one of the most extensive directory all-around where you are able to search by cell phone number as opposed to by name. Now whenever you get a
  • IVM Voicemail Software 5.10

    To make voice mail or use it as telephone answering machine IVM Voicemail System is efficient and up to date software. Typical applications of IVM Voicemail System include Voicemail Incoming caller ID logger Call
  • CrystalCalls 15.0

    To place calls from the privacy of your home on your own PC, using your dial-up, broadband or satellite Internet connection, follow a few easy steps and download our FREE Internet telephone software. It is so simple to
  • The UK Telephone Number Locator 2.3

    UK telephone number locator. UK telephone number locator is a handy utility which sits in your system tray and can lookup the location from a telephone number. This is useful if you are looking through private ads in
  • TeleLog 5.6

    Did you ever need to record a telephone information but no a recorder available? TeleLog can absolutely help you simply by connecting a cable from telephone line to your PC. TeleLog bring the greatest convenience so,
  • People Search Software 1.01

    People Search Software, Find Addresses, Emails, Criminal Records, Credit Reports, Reverse Search, Background Search, Inheritances, Reverse Address Search, Reverse telephone Search, telephone Number Searches, Personal
  • Telephone 0.15.1

    telephone is a VoIP program which allows you to make phone calls over the internet. It can be used to call regular phones via any appropriate SIP provider, including Google Voice via Gizmo5. If your office or home phone
  • Go4Customer IVR 1.1

    Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is the generic term given to applications that integrates a Company's/ Organization's telephone and computer system to become a voice computer that transforms the caller's