PC File Deleter

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  • General File Deleter

    General File Deleter is easiest and fastest way to securely delete (or "wipe") sensitive Files from your hard drive. You can be assured that once you delete a File with General File Deleter, it will be gone for good,
  • File Deleter

    File Deleter is an easy-to-use tool for delete Files permanently. Because some disk tools can recover the Files which have been deleted from Windows Explorer, Command Prompt, Recycle Bin, even from formatted disks,
  • Autorun Deleter 1.0

    AutoRun Deleter is a free program which disables and deletes the Autorun.inf virus. While most anti-virus can delete it, some may miss it ??? more so because it is a stubborn one and keeps coming back, especially if you
  • Boot Deleter 1.00

    You can mark Files and folders to be deleted when Windows next restarts by using simple to use application Boot Deleter. It adds itself to the Windows Explorer (shell) context menu and lets you easily remove items that
  • Permanently Delete Files 2011

    A lot of people may not know this. We think once we delete a File and empty the recycle bin, it is gone forever... WRONG. Emptying the Recycle Bin does NOT protect you at all! As a matter of FACT, the deleted File,
  • Excel Duplicate Deleter v1.2

    The Duplicate Deleter for Microsoft Excel will help you quickly and easily find duplicates and delete them with using key columns.The plugin works with Microsoft Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000. Microsoft Excel 2007
  • File Blast 1.2

    File Blast is a useful File Deleter utility it will erase Files permanently so that they will not be recoverable. It using the DoD 5220.22-M Algorithm (designed by US Department of Defense for Erasure of top secret
  • ICS Deleter 1.31.00

    ICS Deleter is a small, easy to use tool designed to enable you to delete old entries in a ICS-Calendar (*.ics) File. Simply choose a *.ics-File, choose a date until you want to delete the old entries and click on the
  • File Secure Deleter

    You can use this handy File Secure Deleter software utility for permanently deleting your secure Files. It has fast speed of working as well as very easy to use and gives you surety that your Files can't be recovered
  • File Change Tracker and Updater 3.1.0

    This software minimizes data transfer and reduces network traffic. It synchronizes Files from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using DELTA encoding. Only changes in a particular File will be sent
  • Complete Program Deleter 4.0

    Complete Program Deleter will delete all the Files installed by a program's installation program, remove all subdirectories created by that program, and restore the AutoExec.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI, and SYSTEM.INI
  • System Volume Information Deleter Service 0.1

    System Volume Information Deleter Service is a program that permanently erase the System Volume Information folder every time you connect a USB drive.21.08.2009: - added new iconAdded madexcept for better debugging, plus
  • Adware Spyware Scanner Deleter 0.2

    Adware Spyware Scanner is used for scanning Windows system, hardware, and memory. You can delete remove or kill the spyware and adware by using this scanner. Editor: SYNCOPY 'Adware Spyware Scanner Deleter' is a
  • IP Tools (formerly IP Sniffer)

    IP Tools (formerly IP Sniffer) created as a useful and effective program built around a packet sniffer that can work on all Windows versions using either: the new raw socket implementation of Windows2000
  • Mailbox Spam Deleter 1.0

    Mailbox Spam Deleter for Yahoo! Mail Quick start instructions Click the Yahoo button which takes you to Yahoo Mail. Log in. Open your Inbox Click Get Info. This will populate the Titles panel with the titles of
  • Excel Unique and Duplicates Data Remover 9.0

    Excel Unique and Duplicates Data Remover and Deleter Plus Excel List Comparison Removal If you want to know how to search and delete duplicate and unique cells in Microsoft Excel, then this software is for you! Using
  • Pop3eye 0.7.0

    Pop3eye is a pop3 email Notifier plus previewer, Retriever and spam Deleter. It can be run in a Dock, a regular window or a window with a custom background. Pop3eye is multi-threaded, any number of accounts can be
  • Excel Unique and Duplicates Data 2.0

    Excel Unique and Duplicates Data Remover and Deleter Plus Excel List Comparison Removal If you want to know how to search and delete duplicate and unique cells in Microsoft Excel, then this software is for you! Using
  • Hitman Pro x32 3.5.9 B129

    Hitman Pro 3 is a fast all-in-one tool to locate, identify and remove viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and other malware. Hitman Pro 3 will quickly show if your PC is infected with malicious software. Research shows
  • ZIMA-PTC-Cleaner 1.2.1

    A simple tool that will clean old Files created by Pro/Engineer (e.g. if you have File.prt.1, File.prt.2, File.prt.3, it will remove File.prt.1 and File.prt.2 ; File.prt.3 won't be displayed in the
  • Monolith 0.1

    Monolith is a simple tool that takes two arbitrary binary Files (called a Basis File and an Element File) and "munges" them together to produce a Mono binary File (with a .mono extension). Monolith can also
  • Extended File Details

    Extneded File Details is a free and portable tool to display and save File properties. It can display and save to a text File: - File Name - File Type - File Size - File Version - Product Version - File Attributes -
  • Aplus FLV to Apple TV Converter 16.98

    * Have you ever upload the video Files on your website to share your videos with the entire world. Is it wonderful? And now, you can download and transfer those video to Apple TV File, that will help you play internet
  • Fix EDB File 5.5

    Do you want to fix EDB File? So you can use PDS EDB File Repair Software because these tools effortlessly fix exchange EDB File into PST File with fully security. By taking help of exchange EDB File repair Software you
  • Lecteur WAZ 4.0

    WAZ is a "Web Archive Zip" Reader software that allows you to run WAZ project File. A WAZ File is a ZIP File containing a complete Static Web site. WAZ File allows to exchange easily your web projects with only a
  • eDocfile DII to Dat File Converter 1.1

    You can easily convert Summation DII Files to Concordance DAT Files by using easy and handy DII to Dat File Converter. It does this by reading the starting and tending number from DII File and after reading, it writes it
  • DII to DAT File Converter 1.0

    DII to Dat File Converter is a free tool to convert DII Files to DAT Files. It reads the starting number and the ending number from a DII File. Once read it is written to a DAT File in the format of "starting
  • BiDiX -

    BiDiX is a simple tool, which is a BiDiX File (with File extension "BDX") created in a binary File. This can only be achieved through a binary key File (the "key" File) to decrypt. The peculiarity here is that the File
  • GRL RealHidden 1.0

    GRL RealHidden version 1.0 is a software utility that allows you to hide a File physically inside of Another File, and then retrieve that hidden File. The resulting 'cloaked' File, that is the File containing hidden
  • GetFileSize 2.2

    Get File Size is an Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to find out the size of a File before downloading it. Get File Size does not require any special skills, just right-click the link to a File and select Get